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Who are we?

Part of the larger Flint Hills Design family.

We're builders, designers, and story tellers. Whether it takes place in the digital realm or a physical space. In addition to crafting focused marketing websites, we're involved in the museum exhibit space. Whether you're looking for a completely custom experience, exhibit products, or ready-to-deploy traveling exhibits, Flint Hills Design is here to help you tell your story.

Graham writing on the white board

Core Principles

Websites and exhibits exist in very different dimensions, but share a common thread: enabling our clients to broadcast what's important to them. As such, all of our projects are guided by these core principles:

  • Clarity
    We strive to clearly and effectively communicate our clients’ visions with grace and precision.
  • Authenticity
    Our work is intentional and honest. We strive to distill the essence, and build upon that foundation.
  • Simplicity
    We believe in less, but better.
  • Craftsmanship
    We write clean, semantic code to translate across the modern browsers with consistency and speed.