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Frequently asked questions

Have a question about our services, our process, or policy? Check here first!

What SEO services do you provide?

We focus on on-site SEO which includes building pages with valid HTML, including alt tags with any images that are used, optimizing page load speed, adding OpenGraph tags for linking to social media sites like Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc., and adding an SSL certificate for website security.

*Google states that it will give a slight SEO boost to websites that have an SSL certificate.

Services we don't provide:

Aspects of your overall content strategy like target demographic research, keyword research, and social media content creation aren't part of the website services we provide. However, we're happy to work with you to organize your content and craft a marketing-focused website with a clear message.

Are your websites ADA compliant?

We work during the development process to make sure:

  • all images have alt tags
  • the site can be navigated with a keyboard
  • we use semantic HTML
  • we use a sufficient contrast ratio to meet at least the WCAG "AA" level of compliance for text

ADA web compliance doesn't have an official certification at the moment, but there are tools that we use during the development process that will help us identify and fix issues. Google Lighthouse is our preferred tool for this process.

Do you offer domain name registration?

We strongly encourage each of our clients to own their own domain name, so we don't offer domain name registration.

Will you update a site that you didn't build?

Our policy from the very beginning has been that we don't work on or host websites that we didn't build. If you're interested in talking about a new website with us, we'd be happy to talk with you! Send us a message or give us a call at (800) 683-0282!

Do you require a website hosting contract?

We don't do long-term contracts. If you decide the relationship isn't working out, you're free to leave at any time, although our clients rarely do!

Are your websites optimized to work on mobile devices?

Absolutely. We build our websites to be mobile responsive, so they look great on any screen size.

Do you offer email services?

We don't offer email as one of our web services, but we're happy to provide some suggestions for options that you can look into.

Do you offer on-going website maintenance/support?

Yes! We have a helpdesk to manage all support requests. If you want to make a change to your website you send an email to and it goes straight into our ticketing system. We've got awesome response times and generally get to your ticket very quickly.

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