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Website Hosting & Support

One of the most important things we do is work with you after your site is built.

Things change, and we’re here to help you change them. Nobody on your team even has to learn how to manage or update websites if you don’t want to -- we’re only a call or email away. Small tweaks and changes are free — you shouldn’t be afraid to call us. We’ll simply give you an hourly estimate for any larger projects.

Included in your website hosting plan:

Website Maintenance

We take care of updating software and version control any changes we make.

Nightly Back-ups

We also run nightly back-ups on all of our websites as another precaution, just so we're prepared.

Monthly Reports

Every month we’ll send you a basic report of technical changes to your website. This is both a friendly reminder that we’re here to help, and an effort to be transparent about the work we do for you (both with and without your knowledge).

Website Security

Never underestimate the importance of security. On your website, your customers need to be able to trust you. And you need to be able to trust us. Security on the web is a moving target, and we use a combination of industry-standard and in-house tools to make sure that we protect you and your customers as best we can.

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